Care Givers

Staff photo for 2019

The Purpose of the Care Giver / Field Worker:

  • To promote quality of life for the orphans and vulnerable children of Refilwe. To promote tolerance among the children and community so that may know that they are loved.
  • To promote quality in life and support for the orphaned and vulnerable children in their psychological needs if they are infected by HIV / AIDS or other infectious diseases. To break down the stigma associated with such diseases.

Responsibilities of Care Givers (Field Workers) as set out by Refilwe Orphan Care:

 The Care Giver / Field Worker must:

  • Make regular visits to the homes of the vulnerable children under the care of Refilwe Orphan Care;
  • Promote a stable environment for the child by strengthening the family and child;
  • Use basic listening skills to provide support for the family and child;
  • Assist in drawing up a “care plan” to guide the family to care for the child.
  • Promote and assist in comforting the child, ensuring sufficient rest and sleep for the child and ensure the child has sufficient exercise;
  • Assist the family in spending and applying the child grants in the right way;
  • Give counseling to the child and family;
  • Assist in supervision of the child in order to do homework;
  • Assist in monitoring the child’s vital health needs including monitoring any infections, STD’s,  HIV/AIDS and TB. If necessary refer the child to the medical authorities as quickly and appropriately as possible;
  • Promote the nutrition of the child.