About Us


To promote quality in life and support in psychosocial needs to children who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS including those who are vulnerable and orphaned in the community of Refilwe, Cullinan.


Holistic care for children who are orphans and for the vulnerable ones.


Refilwe Orphan Care (061-038-NPO) began in 2008 to alleviate poverty amongst orphans and vulnerable children. Refilwe Orphan Care is a Non-Profit Organization for needy children. There are two hundred (200+) children who benefit from the project and there are few more children who have a desire to benefit from the project but due to lack of funding, the project is unable to accommodate them all. These children are orphans and vulnerable, some are from child headed families. The project advocates for the rights of the orphans and the vulnerable.

The project has quite a number of activities in practice including the following: cooking, washing and ironing of school uniforms; assisting with school work;  engaging children in recreational activities; and painting for the younger ones. The main aim is to assist the orphans and the vulnerable children to fit in with other children at school and outside school by uplifting their standard of living through provision of basic needs such as food and clothing.

Children are the most vulnerable group in our communities. The main purpose of this project is to make sure that children are protected, loved and cared for regardless of their circumstances. The project further is concentrating on motivating and shaping the children to rise above their circumstances. This purpose can be realised by the following:

  • To provide nutrition, support and care for orphans & vulnerable children (OVC).
  • To provide support facilities and activities for the OVC.
  • To educate the general community on how to care for the OVC.
  • To facilitate the establishment of the income generating skills.
  • To offer advice, support & mentorship to interested community members.

These children need to be taken care of and groomed, to break a systemic cycle of poverty. Due to absent parents these children need life-skills to teach them to live life to the full . Already, Refilwe Orphan Care has seen positive changes with respect to the children’s self-esteem & performance at schools.

Situational demographics:

Refilwe Orphan Care is situated near the Southern outskirts of the informal settlement known as Refilwe. Refilwe is nestled between the Cullinan Diamond Mine and the many small holdings (small farms) that make up the community of Cullinan. Refilwe fell under the local municipality call “Nokeng tsa Taemane” situated in the greater Metsweding District. This municipality was recently absorbed into the greater Tshwane Municipality due to financial mismanagement. Refilwe, as is with the greater Metsweding area, battles with the effects caused by HIV/AIDS on a daily basis. Some documents estimate infections as high as 40% of the population. However the true stats are hard to get as there is little data available. Government publications are not always 100% accurate due to various reasons.

Manager and organisation’s founder:

Evelyn Matlala is a Christian woman who founded the Refilwe Orphan Care center. Despite numerous obstacles, she resiliently served the vulnerable children of Refilwe.

Today Portia Matlala manages Refilwe Orphan Care and as such deals with all administration, child demographics and “Sponsor a child” initiatives.

Field workers, cooks and general staff:

Several full time workers anc cooks work tirelessly at the center. These workers and cooks are unpaid, but have dedicated their lives to helping the children on a full-time basis. When they speak about the children, they beam like stars and they are very proud of the children who they have helped these past few years.

Children served:

200 vulnerable children.